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Join Youth Peace Talks to empower young leaders for a more peaceful and equitable world. Volunteer for valuable experience, insights, and networks with like-minded individuals. Develop crucial skills and knowledge to become a future leader promoting social justice and peace.

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Join the YPTI team and help empower young leaders for a peaceful future. Collaborate on impactful initiatives and be part of a movement driving global change. Your journey towards making a meaningful difference starts here!

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Partner with YPTI to amplify peace and youth empowerment globally. Together, we can create sustainable change and nurture the next generation of leaders. Let’s collaborate for a brighter, more peaceful world.

You can help with creating content, conducting interviews, or managing social media to share the voices of young Africans.

You can get involved with organizing our annual journalism competition by helping with outreach and event planning to find new journalistic talents.

You can participate in our leadership program by helping with workshops, mentoring young leaders, or coordinating peace-building projects.

You can join our campaign against false information by helping with media literacy and reporting accurate news.

You can help with our educational program about climate change, creating resources, educating young people, and organizing community service projects focused on the environment.

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Looking for a way to make a difference? Join us and discover five different ways to get involved as a volunteer!

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Join our team of volunteers and make a positive impact in the community! Fill out our easy form to start. Work alongside like-minded individuals on various projects like community outreach and fundraising. Gain new skills, meet new people, and make a difference. Start today and join us in our mission!

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